Let’s get educated about life love and destiny with O.M.D

My world, your world

Hey there!! I’m happy I can finally share my thoughts with someone. please stay focused and calm and pay rapt attention to me. I know I can be boring or stupid with some words but being a speaker doesn’t start any day, you know “Rome wasn’t built in a day” Enjoy!!

I really don’t know about all that but to me, life is one of the hardest word to define. This is because, we are different, our stories differs clearly, definitely our dictionary will be different. when I say dictionary, I mean we define events that happens to us differently. My story might seem to you like a comedy,yours might be a tragedy,this is why life is a stage. we all choose our roles and decide how well we act.

I want to be doctor, lawyer, engineer,president…this or that is a very common statement among humans… yeah!! I agree that we have different opinions,ambitions,goals aims and objectives in life but tell me, can we get it all??? of course not!! Every parent wants to be proudly called the father of a lawyer, the mother of a doctor, every child want to stand out among there peers. The dream of every woman is to have a man to call her own and every man want a woman would always be there for him anytime just as the kids want to reach parent would buy them stuffs you can show up to their colleagues in schools but… we can’t have it all!!!

It is a common sight to see a graduate into Petty trading while a drop out is a proud owner of a thriving business. Yes!! we’ve seen a first class graduate working at a primary school and a lower class graduate working in a bank,That’s life!! We’ve heard stories of a full-blooded virgin waiting for years to conceive while an early harloit aborts frequently without any complications.That destiny !!! We’ve heard about lots of beautiful and intelligent woman sticking to a wretched man hoping that things turn around for him,while her peers lavish money anywhere anyhow. That love!! We’ve heard of a single mothers, widows,who hardly have enough to feed,striving hard to send their kids to school while a rich parent dscides to allow his child live his life to the fullest. That hope!! we’ve heard of couples who have health issues with conception and have been advised not to try conceiving even when they have no child yet, still they believed and conceived with no issues. That Faith!!!

This is why I have concluded that even though life gives different stories different meaning and put us in different circumstances. I know that if we all learn to believe in destiny and have hope and faith, we will be able to make a meaning out of the mess called life. Remember!! what they say that“EVERY STORY HAS AND END BUT IN LIFE EVERY ENDING IS JUST A NEW BEGINNING” stay blessed till the next episode!!

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